From the pages of a Journal
Knowing there is hope when life seems hopeless can be the difference between life and death. Suicide is a real problem in our communities. No one intentionally chooses to feel suicidal, but this feeling is a reality for many people. Most people don’t commit suicide because they want to die, they consider suicide as an option to escape from their emotional pain. 
It can be incredibly difficult to continue living when feeling suicidal. The stigma associated with suicide can be demoralizing, leaving a person struggling with suicidal thoughts in a state of helplessness. The desire for a better life, but not knowing where to turn for help can lead a person to a permanent solution for what should have been a temporary problem. 
This piece was designed to reach those afraid of seeking the help they need. To connect with those feeling isolated and suffering alone in their struggle with suicidal thoughts. To let them know there is an group of people who have the same struggles in life, and that they are here to help. To shift their perspective enough to give them a little bit of hope.
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